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Heyy!! I’m Carly from LoveCarlyAllison
I was so excited when Elina asked me if I’d like to do a post for #TeenTalk. We came up with the idea of social media. It’s such a huge piece of life as a teen and it’s just overall a huge thing now!
I think that social media can get toxic for sure. It can be a great thing and lets you share great messages, communicate from people all over the world and so many other opportunities (obviously I’m a blogger so I can’t completely hate it)! That’s totally great, until it starts to get to your head. You may realize at some point that you might be doing things that you don’t want to do just for an Instagram photo or Snapchat story.  Personally, I have felt pressure before to go out or go somewhere just to take a photo to make my life look cool! A little less than a year ago, I always felt the need to take perfect photos to prove that I have a good life which is so stupid. Your life is not your Instagram feed!! I’ve also in the past been bad about comparing myself to other people, my blog to others blogs, my appearance to others, how exciting my life is, etc. Obviously, this is sooo awful and sooo not what you should waste your life doing!!

 Social media is pretty good in moderation. I don’t know about you but I will notice myself start comparing or feeling the need to do stuff just for Instagram. That’s when I will take some time away from my phone or at least social media.


If you really think you need a break or are seriously feeling pressure or doing things just for social media try deleting an app. I’d say the best thing you could do is go to a summer camp!! I went for 2 weeks and it was the most amazing thing and I can back with such a different mindset on everything including social media. I’ve also on multiple occasions deleting an app for a day or two that just wasn’t in my es interest at that point.


Realize how much time you really spent on social media and what else you could be doing! You weren’t put on this earth to waste your time scrolling through your phone and looking at others lives. Find what you love to do and do that!! Join a sport, take a class, hang out with friends, try art or you know make a blog 😉


Don’t put your self-worth in likes or comments! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking a selfie and posting it on Instagram! It only becomes unhealthy when you put your self-worth in how many likes or comments you get.


Realize that your life is not your Instagram! You so totally don’t need to post everything on Instagram or Snapchat. Your feed is not your life, your life is in what you do, how you spend your time, how you treat others, etc.

Xoxo, Carly

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