Hacks For A Stress Free Move

As many of you know I’ve recently moved house, so I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you some of my go-to moving hacks. Cause who couldn’t use some hacks, to make moving a little easier?!


I cannot stress this tip enough as It saves so much time. As you pack, go through your things and decide what you no longer need or use.

I found asking myself these questions extremely helpful:

1. When was the last time I used or wore this Item?

2. Do I have anything similar to this Item?

3. Does It have any sentimental value and would I be upset If I didn’t have It?

4. Do I have a use for this item / do I really truly need It?


This hack has been an absolute lifesaver! Instead of labelling kitchen or bathroom, use different coloured duck tape to organize which box goes into each room. Pink for the bedroom, Green for kitchen etc.. It makes the unloading and unpacking process less overwhelming and your movers will love you for it as it makes their job so much easier!


When you pack up your things, do It by sections. Start off by packing one small area of your room, keeping similar items together. Continue to do this until the whole room is packed. This will help to prevent so many of the boxes random stuff and make unpacking so much smoother.


Keep a detailed description of what is in each box in your phones notes section. I know it is extra work, but it is so worth it especially if you are moving cross country. In case your boxes get lost during transport you will know exactly what is in the box as well as if you are looking for that certain item in a sea of boxes it is a lifesaver!


Pack a box full of items that you will need as soon as you arrive at your new place. Make sure to label it open first! And something I wish I had have thought of doing is a comfort bag or box. Fill it with anything that will help you feel more at home instantly, for me that is my favourite books, a throw blanket, crystals and a yummy smelling candle.


Moving can be overwhelming especially during the unpacking stage, as your normally surrounded by a sea of boxes. Unpacking one certain room or area that you can go to rest or relax is so so important! I like to focus on setting up my bedroom first: making my bed and adding throw blankets and pillows to make it extra cosy and lighting some kind of scent whether its incense or a candle.


Moving isn’t always easy! So bringing a special memento, that captures a memory from your old town that means a lot to you can really help. I know for me personally moving away from the area was easy, but leaving behind people I cared about was hard. So before I left I took photos with my friends. And then once I got to my new house I printed them out and hung them up on fairy lights in my room.

These hacks & tips helped me to survive my move and I hope that they can help you guys as well. If you want anymore moving hacks check out my Pinterest Board

– Have you moved before and do you have any moving hacks? comment down below cause Id love to know! xx

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