Teen Blogs You NEED To Read!

One of my favourite things about being a part of the blogging community is discovering new bloggers. When I’m not working on my own blog I’m usually catching up on other peoples latest posts. So basically I live and breathe blogging lol. So I thought I would share with you my favourite teen bloggers, that I believe are a must read for any teen girl!


Do you use fashion as a form of self-expression?

Olivia is a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Who’s focus is to inspire people through fashion and transparency. She posts about activism and life advice as well as of course fashion tips and lookbooks. I especially loved reading her post on why you shouldn’t be scared of standing out as well as why and how you can pull anything off. Check out Olivia @absolutelyolivia and her blog here



Are makeup tutorials and day in the lives your fav?

Carly’s blog is a go-to for any teen girl, as she blogs about everything she loves. So you are bound to find something you love! You can find everything from life advice and easy vegan meals to makeup looks and try on hauls. I love all of her posts but some of my favs would have to be her current favourites and any of her healthy living posts. I’ve also collabed with Carly in the past, check out the post here. Check out Carly @lovecarlyallison and her blog here



Is photography your all-time passion?

Natalie’s blog is THE blog for anyone with a passion for photography she shares all of her top photography tips as well as advice on creating aesthetic Instagram feeds. Natalie also shares lifestyle and travel posts. I am currently obsessed with her Confessions of an Instagrammer series and her post on How to Have a Consistent Feed has really helped me with creating an Instagram I’m proud of. Check out Natalie @capturinglifeoncamera and her blog here



Ever wish you could bring back the 80’s?

Ella’s blog is basically a guide to becoming a retro queen! She blogs about everything from fashion and beauty to creating an aesthetic bujo journal. All with a retro twist of course 😉 I’m currently loving her new series I Get Chu: Ella’s Advice and of course her monthly bujo journal setups, cause they are just so cute! Check out Ella @purelyella and her blog here



Are you an expat or have a love for travel?

Little Miss Expat blogs about life as a teen expat (someone who currently lives somewhere that isn’t their native country). She created her blog to share her tips/experiences as an expat, So you will find tips for moving and dealing with homesickness. As well as travel posts and other subjects like photography and clean beauty. I especially loved her recent post on 16 things she had learnt in 16 years and her first post id ever read about finding happiness. Check out Little Miss Expat @littlemissexpat and her blog here



Are you all about taking care of your Mental Health?

Kisses of Confidence is a lifestyle, mental health and beauty blog.I would honestly recommend her blog to anyone living with anxiety. Her posts on using an alter ego to help with panic attacks and preparing for a day out with anxiety have been so helpful for me! I also love reading her beauty and lifestyle posts. Check out Kisses of Confidence @confidenceandkisses and her blog here


All these girls have been a huge inspiration to me and some of them are also my closest blog friends. So make sure you go and check out their blogs and show them some love <3 I’ve also done a post similar to this a while ago about my favourite lifestyle and beauty bloggers that you can read here

-Who is your current favourite blogger or bloggers and what inspires you about them? Comment down below, I’d love to know! xx



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  1. GIRL!! thank you so much for the feature, and I’m excited to check out some of the bloggers I didnt know about that you mentioned in this post :)) thanks for making my day boo 😍💕

  2. hey elina! wow! i absolutely loveddd this post! it is defo one of my faves and your wrote it so well! thankyou so much for mentioning me! so kind of you and i also just followed you back! you defo got the idea of the ‘retro queen’ right! aha 😉 you know me well!
    El xx

    1. Hey Ella
      I am so happy to hear you loved it! And of course any time, I have been loving reading your latest posts. Thank you so much for following me 🙂 Elina xx

  3. Ooo there are some bloggers in here I haven’t heard of, and I’m definitely going to go and check them out now – I love finding other teen bloggers♥️ I’ve only just found your blog and Instagram and I’m obsessed already, going to binge read some of your posts now!

  4. Thank you so much for featuring me! It really means a lot and motivates me to work even harder. Keep up the AMAZING work!

    – Natalie

  5. Aww, thank you so much for the feature! I’ve just thoroughly scanned through your blog and I’m pretty much obsessed! You’re the sweetest and I’ll be sure to share this 🙂 xxx