September Bujo Setup: Spring Has Sprung

I recently discovered Bullet Journalling and decided to give it a go. As I love planning but am notorious for being disorganised. Mostly because I can never seem to stick to using a planner for longer than a week. My hope was that if I made my bujo cute enough I would actually use It. Plus I could customize it to suit my life more. And for once my plan actually ended up working, I stuck to using my Bujo all of August. And will be continuing to use it for the rest of the year! I am currently obsessed with reading monthly Bujo setups, so I figured why not do one of my own?!

This month I experimented with using printed quotes and pictures, adding sketches and trying to stick to more of a colour theme.

My theme for this month is: Spring Has Sprung


My Intro Pages are my favourite to set up as I get to be really creative. For the quotes page, I incorporated some of my current favourite quotes. As well as some cute pictures I printed off, that I think justs scream spring. For the title page, I used an idea I got off Pinterest and put my own spin on it. By incorporating some of my favourite flowers that I see around during spring.


This month I used a colour coded calendar. I love it because its super minimalistic and I can fit more than one activity on the same day. As the actual event is written down in the space below. I use highlighters to colour code certain events: Pink is for appointments, orange will be for exam days and yellow for any other events. Below the calendar, I write out the event, the date it’son and the time. As well as any other details/reminders I’d like to add.


I like to set myself goals for each month, some a short-term like completing all my school assignments before school holidays. Whereas others are more long-term like hitting 1000 views on my blog. I am currently working on being more mindful and gratitude is such a huge part of that. So each month I have a list that I can add to over time, of the things I’m most grateful for that month.


I love using a mood tracker because at the end of the month I get to look back about how I felt each day and figure out if I could do anything different to improve for the next month. I also like it because it reminds me that each day is a fresh start, so even if I had a bad day the day before, It doesn’t mean the next day has to be the same.


This has been a game changer for me because I can easily see what posts I need to work on this month. As well as any extra things I need to get done for my blog. I also use this space to track the views from the first week each post is live. This way I can get a better idea of what posts are most popular and help me define my blog niche a bit more. I also like to keep a note of my favourite bloggers of each month and what I love most about their blog.


Obviously, this isn’t something most people would have in their Bujo journal. But it has been so helpful for me lately, I use it to track my flare-ups ( a period of time when my symptoms are worse than normal). I use a scale of 1-5: 1 being normal symptoms and 5 being extremely bad. It’s also great because when I have doctors appointments I can take it and show how my days have been symptom wise.

That’s all I have for my set up for this month, If you want to see more Bujo Setups on my blog please let me know because I love doing them!

– What’s your favourite page in your Bujo? Comment down below, Id love to know! xx

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    1. aww, thanks! The great thing about bullet journalling is that you can make them as basic or creative as you want. So if it’s something you really want to try, I’d say go for it!
      – Elina xx