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Hey Guys! This week post focus’s on something really important, breaking the stigma around Beauty and Social Media. I was inspired by ilikeweylie’s video called Perfect Imperfections, so I decided to turn into a blog Tag! This Tag was created to break the stigma around Social Media and the worlds view on “Perfection”. Wabi – Sabi is the act of embracing the flawed or imperfect. In Japan they have a traditional process called Kintsugi that they use to repair broken pottery. Instead of hiding the flaws of the broken pottery, they used melted gold to repair the pottery and highlight the cracks. In today’s society imperfections are shunned, when they should be celebrated! As it makes as unique, just as every piece of Kintsugi pottery is unique and beautiful in it’s own way. <3

My “Imperfections”

My Nose: 

As silly as it may sound to others, my nose is my BIGGEST insercurity! I hate how big it is and how it looks when I smile. Oh and fun fact, when I get stressed or panicky my nose turns RED! And I end up looking like Rudolf the red nose reindeer… Like What The?! SELF LOVE: My nose is perfect just the way it is and it makes me unique <3 

My Weight:

I have always been on the tiny size ever since I was little. It never used to bother me, but as I got older people started making rude comments about my weight. And guys started making fun of me for my lack of curves. I lost all my body confidence and began hating shopping. I find it so hard to find clothes that suit my body shape and that I feel confident in. I dont like taking photos as I feel like I look too skinny and unhealthy 🙁 SELF LOVE: Body confidence does not come from wanting or trying to achieve the “perfect” body. It comes from loving and embracing the body you were blessed with <3

I’m A Chatterbox:

My nicknames growing up were “Little Miss Have A Chat” and “Little Miss Chatterbox”, as I would never stop talking! Although that hasn’t changed much as I’ve grown up aha, I’m still as chatty as ever. But I started to worry about annoying or boring people cause I talk so much. So I began constantly over thinking everything I say and apologizing for talking a lot. Plus when I get stressed I tend to over chat, as it’s kind of coping mechanism of mine. SELF LOVE: There is nothing wrong with being a talkative person and it is actually a gift. It helps me to do what I love, creating content for you all and It will open up many career opportunities down the track <3


My “Perfections”

My Skin:

I am blessed to have a relatively clear skin. I rarely get spots and when I do they never last long. I used to break out a lot, so I am so grateful that my skin has cleared up! <3

My Eyes:

Everyone has that one feature that they love about themselves and mine would have to be my eyes. Random I know aha, but I love having blue eyes and my eyelashes are very long and black, so I rarely feel the need to wear mascara on the daily. <3

I’m Creative:

I’m a very creative person at heart and I love creating whether It’s art, writing, film or baking. But my favourite thing about creating would have to be sharing what I’ve made with the people I love. Baking treats or making things to give to my family gives me so much joy! <3


I know this weeks blog post was very different from my usual posts, but I hope you guys all got something from it. I also wanted to Tag you all to do this challenge, whether its for a blog post or just writing it down. Its something that has helped my confidence a lot and made me realize that my insecurities aren’t as much of a big deal as I thought they were 🙂 But I do know I still have a long way to go, with self love especially when it comes to my nose!

Something I want you guys to ask yourself is: If someone treated you the way you treat yourself, would you be friends with that person?

I know I certainly wouldn’t which is why I am trying to be kinder to myself and focus more on self love ( again I know easier said then done) <3

If you feel comfortable comment down below your biggest insecurity and your best feature <3


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  1. Such an important message Elina, especially in today’s climate where an artificial, soul-less idea of ‘perfection’ is shoved down our throats from every angle.

    Incredible to think about how self-critical we all are, that we can focus so intently on our perceived imperfections that we become blind to the beauty that others see in us.

    You are uniquely beautiful, inside and out, in more ways than you realise xxx

    *I was always self-conscious about my nose as well, and when I was younger I thought I was too fat, but now when I look back on photos and realise how skinny I was, and that my nose didn’t stand out as much as I thought. Funny the things we fixate on and how disproportionate they become.

    Since motherhood I’m learning to accept my ever-changing body, beautiful or not, because I’ve learned that beauty shines from within, and that my body isn’t an object designed for other people’s enjoyment. It’s a lifelong journey, and some days are harder than others, so thanks again for the reminder! xx

    1. It’s so hard in today’s society not to compare yourself or to love yourself for you, as there are so many ideas on how we should look. Many of which are completely unattainable for most. Which is why it’s so important to break down the barrier around the idea of perfections <3
      I am so happy to hear you liked the post! Definitely one the scariest ones I've written so far. But the response I have gotten from so many people including yourself has made it all worth it. So thank you xoxo

  2. Wow.. that’s a good one. I definitely wouldn’t want to be friends with myself looking at it that way! I’m definitely so much nicer to others than I am myself.

    1. Its something so many people don’t even realise they do ( including myself) but being kind to yourself is so important! As everyone Is beautiful inside and out!