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Recently I’ve been stuck in a bit of a negative rut due to my health severely declining. The only thing that truly helps me to stay as positive as possible and actually want to get out of bed each day is being inspired. Inspiration is such a powerful and underrated tool! We live in a world that is extremely consumer based, from buying products to consuming other opinions online. It’s easy to get caught up in it all and lose track of what actually aligns with you and your life, I’m very careful about what I consume especially online. I recently listened to the Skinny Confidential Podcast -How To Get Motivated w/ Lauryn Evarts and Lauren brought up about how important it is to be aware of whose content you are consuming. The 5 people you spend the most time with have the biggest impact and effect on you and its the same with what you are consuming. Who are the top 5 people whose content you are consuming? Are they educational, motivational or inspiring you? It’s up to you to make sure that what they are sharing has a positive effect on you.

Inspiration is such a passion topic of mine and I love sharing about people that are inspiring me and my biggest role models. So I thought I would share a few amazing girls that are inspiring me and why…



“It’s not about how you feel second to second, it’s about what you are making of your life and if you can find deep pride in who you are and what you’ve given, because that’s so much more impactful” – Claire Wineland

Claire was an activist, author, YouTuber, and amazing speaker. Claire was born with Cystic Fibrosis (a terminal genetic condition that affects the lungs as well as the digestive system) and when she was 13 she was put into a medically induced coma due to lung failure. She was given a 1% chance of surviving, thankfully Claire woke up 3 weeks later. Inspired by the support she and her family received while she was in a coma she launched Claires Place Foundation – A Non-Profit Organization that supports children and young adults with CF as well as their families. Claire never fails to inspire me with everything she achieved in her life, she never let her illness stop her from making a difference in the world. And her legacy will continue to change so many peoples lives in the chronic illness community. And she will forever be one of my biggest role models! Her TEDx talk “don’t wait to be healed to start serving humanity” always motivates me and reminds me that anything is possible and I don’t have to be healthy to make a difference in the world.






Paige is a wellness entrepreneur, advocate for women’s health and empowerment as well as a co-founder of The Breasties – A Non-Proft Organization that puts together free events, weekend wellness retreats and most recently camp breastie. For women affected by breast and gynaecological cancers. Paige first started sharing about her health journey after she was diagnosed with the BRCA 1 gene (people with a BRCA gene mutation are more likely to develop breast cancer, and more likely to develop cancer at a younger age – National Breast Cancer Foundation). And made the decision to have a preventative double mastectomy at 24 years old. When she started looking for support and advice online, she was discouraged to find the focus was mostly on the worst-case scenarios and other experiences that left her feeling worse after looking. So she started sharing her own journey on Instagram and connected with THOUSANDS of other women online going through the same thing. Through Instagram, she also met Leslie, Allie, and Bri who together Co-Founded The Breasties. Paige inspires me because she used an awful and life-changing experience to help other women affected by cancer and the BRCA gene. As well as build a career for herself that she is passionate about, Paige’s story is also a huge reason why I am doing my health story series on Instagram and my reminder if I start doubting if anyone would actually benefit from what I’m sharing.







Asha is a motivational speaker, exercise scientist, wellness coach and the founder of Alternatively Healthy. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, Asha went from working all hours to get the “perfect” grades during high school and doing everything possible to fit in, to doing everything to achieve the “perfect body”. It took her hitting rock bottom – finding out that her anorexia had not only taken away her love for life but if she kept going could take away her ability to have a family someday. To realise that her “healthy” lifestyle wasn’t actually healthy and to begin to discover her version of healthy that was beyond a bikini body. Her own journey is what inspired her to help other teen girls and young adults in Australia experiencing self-image and confidence issues and to show them that there is so much more than having a bikini body. She is also currently creating programs for schools to help teenage girls that will begin in 2020. Asha inspires me because of passion and drive to change the way girls look at themselves, everything she does whether its a workshop, event, talk or working on a program is something that brings girls together and is and will change so many lives. Her Instagram series on her story and why behind Alternatively Healthy is what inspired me to do my own health story series. As I loved getting to see how such a difficult journey lead to her setting up Alternatively Healthy.





Polly is an Illustrator, product designer and the shop owner of Sighh Studio – A feel-good stationary and accessories brand. She first started out at 16 selling her illustrations and phone cases through Instagram, it steadily grew and she managed her online shop while attending University for graphic design and illustration. Polly now runs her shop full time along with doing freelance work and a food blog on the side. Polly inspires me because she started her business at such a young age and her dedication to continuing to grow her skills and her shop. Everything Polly creates is unique and heartfelt all the way down to her packaging. She puts her heart and soul into her products, you can easily see this by watching her Instagram stories. Illustration and graphic design is something that really interests me, so I love getting to see the behind the scenes of running a shop and her creating the products. It’s a dream of mine to have some sort of online shop someday so getting to see Polly spend every day doing something she loves really motivates me to make my dream a reality.






– Who inspires you or who are your biggest role models and why? Comment down below, I’d love to know! xx

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