Life Update: A Fresh Start

Hey, it’s me Elina! I know I have been MIA on my blog the past few months, but I’m back now! So I thought I would do a quick post to fill you guys in on where I have been. As well as some exciting changes that have happened In my life and on my blog <3


The main reason I have been MIA is that I was In the middle of moving. Not only did I move house, but I moved to a completely different state, on the other end of Australia! It would have to be the most amazing/scariest thing I have ever done! I have traded In snow and wood fires for beaches and crocodiles haha. There were many reasons behind the move, but the main one was to be closer to my family. I love that I now get to spend more time with them and cannot wait to create so many great memories in my new home!


I wanted my move to not just be a fresh start for me but for my blog as well. So I thought the perfect place to start would be would be a new look. I am in love with my new theme! And I’ve also added a few new options to my blog, including a mailing list so you can now follow my blog to be notified every time I upload.


Going along with the fresh start for my blog, I wanted to post more blog posts related to things going on in my life: Mental Health, Travel, Chronic Illness and Healthy Living. As well as lots of beauty and fashion style posts. I am also working on a new series on my blog, so make sure to keep an eye out. I’ll have more info about it on my Insta soon! If you have any blog posts you’d like to see please DM me or comment down below 🙂

Upcoming Posts To Look Out For:

  • Hacks For A Stress-Free Move
  • My Fav Drugstore Makeup Products
  • Tips For Living With A Chronic Illness
  • What I Eat In A Day ( Healthy & GF)


I am relaunching on my YouTube channel!! I don’t have a plan for how often I’m going to post, for now, I am just going to post when I feel like It. But I am so so excited to be filming again and cannot wait for you guys to see some of the videos I’ve been working on!

Thank you guys for sticking with me these past few months. I am so happy to be back to blogging and I look forward to seeing where my new fresh start will lead me and my blog! <3



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