It’s okay if working from bed is easier

My 14 year old blog obsessed self is squealing with joy. I used to dream about having a site like this one day. For years scouring the internet for the nicest free themes I could find. I taught myself to build my site after becoming bed bound, 6 years later I rebuilt it. Still bed bound and minus a few functional body functions (it’s a lot harder to do when you can’t read all the tiny words on the stupid buttons) but proud of the things I’ve managed ro accomplish from bed.

6 years of justSoElina

 There’s a lot of stigma surrounding disability / illness and being bed/house bound.  It doesn’t matter how much people see me doing, projects I’m involved in and the art I make they can’t see past the fact I’m mostly in bed. I can guarantee I couldn’t do even a quarter of what I do now if I was always having to be up and about. That would mean 10 times the amount of dislocations and popped ribs, heart population’s, blue lips and dizziness, loss of function and feeling in limbs and more pain than I can even begin to explain. And fatigue, so much fatigue you can’t even lift your head up because you’re so tired it hurts. 

Sleep and rest is the only medicine that doesn’t have god awful side effects, it’s actually proven to have the best outcomes for people slowly rebuilding. And is the only thing that’s allowed me to do the things I’m able to now. 

So be kind, think before you speak, you never know who’s listening or what 14 year old may be too embarrassed to admit what their new day to day looks like. Xx

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