2017 Beauty Favourites

Hi Guys, I thought that I would share with my favourite beauty products of 2017. These have been my go to products and I will defiantly be repurchasing them!

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette:

I recently purchased this after my Birthday, it was my first high end eye shadow palette and I can easily say i’m in love! I did a tone of research on the best first eye shadow to buy and the hype around this palette was huge. It defiantly lives up to the hype, the pigment in the palette is amazing and they are so creamy. Its easy to blend and I can create a look for every occasion using it.


           Tarte Aquacealer Hydrating Concealer ( Ivory): 

Ever since I first started wearing makeup I have had this on going battle with concealers! Me being the Ghosty, pale girl I am I have a tone of trouble trying to find a concealer light enough. But then i found the Tarte Aquacealer, it was the perfect shade match and it hydrated under my eyes instead of drying them out. It has a natural finish and blends seamlessly into my skin.



Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil ( 3 ): 

I have tried a few different Brow products, but none of them have matched my eyebrows nicely or helped me achieve the natural effect I was going for. I tried the Precisely My Brow and loved it, I can easily control how natural our sharp I want my eyebrows to be and its perfect for filling in very sparse eyebrows.

Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow ( Kitten Karma):

I love using the Stila Liquid Eye Shadow for special occasions, It just adds that bit extra to my eye look. Whether its all over my lid, along my lash line or as the perfect wing liner. Its such a multi use product and defiantly a staple in my makeup collection.

NYX Butter Gloss (Creme Brulee):

The Butter Gloss is one of my go to Lip Products, I love Lip Gloss but I hate the sticky feeling that you normally get with most Lip Glosses. But the Butter Gloss is different it doesn’t have a sticky feeling, its more well buttery on the lips and lasts a good amount of time. It has a wide range of colours and is a perfect edition to a beginners makeup kit.


Nude By Nature Makeup Brush Set :

I have only ever owned mini travel makeup brushes, for my birthday I was kindly gifted Nude By Nature Brush set. It came with 3 rose gold and white face brushes, as well as 3 eye brushes.  They are sooo soft and great quality! Plus they are cruelty free and are the perfect beginners set.

Zoella Lets Spritz Body Mist:

The body mist was the first Zoella Beauty product I have tried, I got it mostly cause I love Zoella but was pleasantly surprised that I also loved the scent. It has a sweet and fruity scent, Perfect for everyday wear as it isn’t too strong.


Sukin Sensitive Cleansing Lotion:

I have extremely dry but problematic skin, I received the Sukin cleanser for Christmas and have used it ever since! It is a gentle cleanser, that moisturizes my skin instead of sucking all the moisture out like other cleansers I’ve tried. Its affordable, natural and cruelty free. 3 off my favourite things in one product!



Jojoba, Sesame Oil & Vitamin E Body Scrub:

Since its summer ATM in Australia I have been trying to take better care of my skin. Being out in the hot sun tends to dry out my skin, so i started using the Body Scrub about 1 to 2 times a week. It leaves my skin feeling silky and moisturized, plus its cruelty free which is always an added bonus.


Should I keep sharing my current favourites? Maybe do monthly favourites? Comment down below and let me know your thoughts 🙂

Till Next Time



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