2018 Goals + New Year Theme

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I am so excited for 2018 and to see where it leads me, I decided that this year instead of just doing my new years goals I would also come up with a theme for my year. I decided I wanted to do this after watching Lavandaire’s video on her new year theme. My New Year Theme this year is Adventure and Prosperity.

I chose adventure as I want to travel more this year, as well as to remind myself to find the adventure in the little things in life. Whether its exploring more out in nature or when we get lost while driving. I chose Prosperity as I am hoping for the things I do this year to be successful, example my Blog and YouTube channel. And to thrive more in life.

My Goals // Resolutions:

  • To Grow My Blog: I want to make my blog successful, to help do that I have joined a 30 day blog challenge as well as working on creating a weekly email list for subscribers.
  • To Switch Over To Mainly Cruelty Free Makeup: I would like to limit the amount of Non Cruelty Free products I own, starting with makeup. So i will be using up the Non Cruelty Free makeup i own, as well as when purchasing new makeup look for a Cruelty Free option.
  • To Give Back More: Whether its Volunteering, Raising Money for deserving causes or Giving Back to the Homeless. I want to spend 2018 helping other people and at least make one persons life a little better.
  • To Live A More Minimalist Lifestyle: To DE-clutter my things and only keep the things I truly need and to make my space more organized and relaxing.
  • To Focus More On Self Care: To start looking after my mind and body, working out more often, focus on healthy eating and to do more of the things that make me happy.
  • To Grow My YouTube Channel: I want to focus and spend more time on my channel this year, to create more frequent and better quality videos. And to gain more feedback on my videos.
  • To Find New Hobbies: Whether its joining a new sport or learning the Acoustic Guitar. I want to find something new to do in my spare time.

So these are my goals for the New Year, what are your goals or hopes for 2018 and are you going to try having a New Year Theme? I Hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!

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