16 Things I’ve Learnt In 16 Years

The past 16 years have been full of amazing experiences and memories. They have also been filled with plenty of ups and downs, all have which shaped me to become the person I am today. So I have to be grateful for every moment, even the bad. Because if they hadn’t happened then maybe I wouldn’t have my blog or live by the beach, in a place I love! In celebration of my birthday yesterday, I decided to share with you guys my top 16 life lessons I’ve learned in the past 16 years.

  1. Create your own bit of happiness each day
  2. Don’t allow toxic people in your life
  3. Find your passion and go with it, it will take you amazing places!
  4. Music fixes everything, so play it any chance you get
  5. Everyone learns differently, figure out how you learn best and don’t be hard on yourself if you struggle sometimes.
  6. Just because they are your family doesn’t mean they can treat you badly and you do NOT have to put up with it
  7. Positive memories are the key to surviving hard times, so make as many as you can!
  8. Laughing truly is the best medicine
  9. Surround yourself with people that inspire you and motivate you
  10. Take care of your health and fuel your body for success not sluggyness
  11. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous, some of your best memories are from last minute decisions
  12. Everything in life happens for a reason, even the bad things. Just hold in there it will get better
  13. Know your worth
  14. Don’t forget to live in the moment
  15. Self Care is so important! Take time for yourself and don’t allow yourself to get run down.
  16. YOU know your body best if you know something is wrong then speak up! And don’t allow other people to dismiss you or tear you down for doing so.

– What is the biggest lesson life has taught you so far? Comment down below, I’d love to know! xx

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