What Christmas Means To Me?

JustSoChristmas Day 12

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you have had an amazing day however you spent it, this year my Mum and I spent the day baking together in the kitchen and binge-watching Christmas movies, btw the Santa Clause movies are so good and so underrated, if you haven’t watched them already you NEED to! I still can’t believe how quickly December and blogmas have gone, I really hope you guys have enjoyed JustSoChristmas as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I wanted to make the last post special and personal so I decided to do the What Christmas Means To Me Tag.

Obviously, Christmas has a unique meaning for every person, It all really depends on personal religion/beliefs as well as your family and financial situation. I am personally not religious and if you’ve read my #TeenTalk post this month you already know that I’ve grown up in a broken family so it has never really been about gathering to celebrate with my family. Money has also been tight at times in my house so it’s isn’t about splurging on presents either. To me Christmas has always been about the magic, when I was little the magic was usually a result of Santa Clause. As I got older it became more about the magic found in the little festive things like decorating the tree and how it looks at night, counting down the days until Christmas with some sort of advent calendar, driving around at night to look at Christmas lights,re-watching homemade Christmas morning vlogs from past years. baking treats to give out to close friends and neighbours and watching my favourite Christmas movies from when I was little. And it’s in the traditions I look forward to every year like watching Elf on Christmas day, attempting to make a successful gingerbread house on Christmas Eve, watching carols on TV on Christmas Eve, picking a new special ornament to add to our tree and so many more.

Over the years I’ve learnt that Christmas isn’t like what you see in the movies, or at least it isn’t for me, but that’s ok! Because Christmas is whatever you make it, So I’m going to make it magical this year!

– What does Christmas mean to you? Comment down below, I’d love to know! xx

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