DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping 2018

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I love getting creative with gift wrapping any time of the year, but there is definitely something extra special about wrapping Christmas gifts! The best compliment I can get around festive season would have to be on my wrapping skills, I always go that little bit extra to try and make the outside of the gift as special as what’s inside. I wanted to share some of my favourite ways to make the gift wrapping that little more unique and special, for the Christmas crazy people out there like me.



Turn the recipients favourite Christmas carol into a super cute, personalized wrapping paper

  • Brown Wrapping Paper
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Grey Lead Pencil
  • Scissors & Sticky Tape
  • Ribbon & Gift Tags
  1. Measure out the brown wrapping paper to the size of your present
  2. Place your wrapping paper onto a flat surface – use masking tape on the corners to hold it down flat
  3. Use the grey lead pencil to trace our the chorus lyrics of the recipients favourite Christmas carol. In cursive, all over the wrapping paper.
  4. Use a dry paintbrush and white acrylic paint to trace over the cursive song lyrics
  5. Allow the paint to dry fully before using it to wrap up your gift and adding any final touches like ribbon or gift tags.



Want to make that special present more special? Wrap it in confetti filled wrapping paper! *warning can be messy*

  • Brown Wrapping Paper
  • Clear Cellophane
  • Confetti
  • Scissors & Sticky Tape
  • Ribbon & Gift Tags
  1. Measure the brown wrapping paper to the size of your gift
  2. Use the brown wrapping paper as a template to ensure the clear cellophane is the same size
  3. Wrap your present in the brown wrapping paper, then wrap it in the clear cellophane. Making sure to leave one end open.
  4. Pour your confetti through the open end of the gift, shake the cellophane around until your happy with the placement of the confetti.
  5. Wrap up the open end of the present and then add any final touches like ribbon or gift tags.




Perfect option for wrapping softer items like clothing or oddly shaped gifts

  • Brown Wrapping Paper
  • Water Colour Paint & Paintbrush
  • Grey Lead Pencil
  • Paper Grass *optional*
  • Needle & Embroidery Thread Or Sewing Machine
  1. Measure out your gift on the brown wrapping paper and create a template of a star or any Christmassy shape of your choice.
  2. Use the template to cut out two identical shapes out of the wrapping paper.
  3. Use watercolour paint to decorate the wrapping paper and then allow it to dry fully.
  4. Use a sewing machine or needle and thread to sew the two pieces of wrapping paper together, leaving a 1cm edge. Make sure to only sew halfway, so half of the shape is open for you to place your present inside.
  5. Fill the shape with your gift and paper grass *optional* then use a sewing machine or needle and thread to finish sewing the shape closed.


-Do you like going that little bit extra with your gift wrapping? Or are you a gift bag guru? Comment down below, I’d love to know! xx

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