Decorate My Christmas Tree With Me 2018

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As cheesy as it may sound its been my dream since I was little to have a giant Christmas tree. Over the years we’ve had a tiny, baby Christmas tree, a silver tinsel tree and even a real Christmas tree. (that sadly got decapitated after the ceiling fan incident of 2007). Since we had moved earlier this year and had given away the old tree we were in need of a new one. So of course when my Mum asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, I simply said a giant Christmas tree (yes I love Chrismas that much!) My amazing Mum ended up surprising me with a 9 freaking foot Christmas tree!!! And you could say that I’m in love with it haha. In the lead, up the festive season, I had watched and read so many decorate my Christmas tree with me posts. It helped me to get ideas on how I could decorate our tree. So I decided I wanted to write my own post, to help anyone stuck on ideas. I’m not quite finished decorating yet, so I will be adding to this post throughout December, as I add new decorations to our tree.

We went for a more traditional theme this year, so I included lots of:

  • Red baubles
  • Gold baubles
  • White ornaments
  • Gingerbread ornaments



I’ll tell you what my Mum wasn’t kidding when she said it would probably take me a whole day to put together and fluff the tree. It is made out of 5 different parts, all of which needed to be individually pulled apart or “fluffed”. If you follow my Instagram and watch my stories you would have seen the 5.5-foot girl vs 9-foot tree battle I had going on. It took me 5 hours to fluff the bottom half of the tree (by the end I was slightly delirious and fell off my chair, oops!) and another 3 hours the following morning. I brought my computer into the lounge room and watched Christmas movies and caught up on vlogmas video while I put the tree together. I also fluffed the top half separately, then attached the star and lights before placing it on top, as I couldn’t reach that high even with a chair.


I used two strings of warm fairy lights that we picked up from Target, they have different settings so I can make them flicker etc. I attached the first strand to the top half of the tree before I finished putting it together, as I couldn’t reach that high to add them on after. I then hid the extra cord down the trunk of the tree and then added the other string of lights on the bottom half of the Christmas tree.


Since we have different sizes and styles of ornaments, I like to add them in stages to make sure they are spread evenly. I started off with my basic red and gold ornaments that were also from target. I like to use these to fill in gaps in the tree and add a bit of depth by pushing some back a little bit. Then I added on our little handmade salt dough, gingerbread men ornaments. I still need to make and decorate some more of these for the tree, as we only have a few. Then I followed with our special ornaments, we still need to purchase our ornaments for this year. My family has a tradition that every year we get to buy a new special ornament, usually, from Myers cause their ornaments are gorgeous!


– Do you like to have a theme for your Christmas tree or do just use any decorations you love or have? Comment down below, I’d love to know! xx

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