Hi I’m Elina!

I am a 19 year old Australian writer, advocate, Global Brand Leader for InvisiYouth Charity and chronic illness warrior. My passion is creating heartfelt pieces of writing and capturing my favourite memories through photography and the written word. So you will normally find me at my computer writing all about life with a chronic illness, wellbeing tips and more thought style pieces on topics effecting the world. Starting JustSoElina has helped me to grow, express myself, give me a voice and feel a little less alone in my thoughts. My hope is that everyone that comes across JustSoElina leaves with something. Whether you can relate, feel empowered, inspired or learn something new.

Hope you stick around, as alot of exciting things are yet to come!

Elina xx



If your a brand or company that would like to work with me please email me at contactjustsoelina@gmail.com If our content aligns, I am more than happy to do affiliate links, Instagram posts, sponsorships or any other partnerships.

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If your a blogger that would like to collaborate, please feel free to DM me via my Instagram @justsoelina

or email me at contactjustsoelina@gmail.com I love collabing with other bloggers, big or small, so please don’t be shy!