Tips For Living With A Chronic Illness

Hey Guys! This weeks post is a bit different, but I think its a really important one to share. I’ve been very sick the past 6 months. So I thought I would share what I’ve been doing to make being constantly sick a little more bearable. As well as hopefully help others going through the same thing and remind them they are not alone <3

Pamper Yourself:

Being sick sucks!! Taking the time to pamper yourself is so important for your mental health and well being. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. It can be as simple as washing your hair or painting your nails. I love doing mini facials when I feel well enough. 🙂

Try A New Hobby:

Try to find something you love that you can easily spend your days doing. When I first got sick I was really bummed as I no longer has the energy to do the things I used to. Especially since I had just launched my new YouTube channel and I couldn’t continue filming content. 🙁 So I decided to try and find a new hobby that gave me the same creative outlet as YouTube, But that I could still easily do during the days I was stuck in bed. Which is how I ended up starting my blog! I love creating content for you guys and thru blogging I have gotten to know so many amazing people.

Text Or Call Your Friends:

Even though you may not be well enough atm to hang out with your friends. It’s so so vital to to stay in contact with them! Personally when I am sick I tend to drift away from people as i dont want to seem like a downer. But this is a big No No! I have been working on spending more time to chat with my friends and it has made me feel so much happier in myself <3

Get Ready For The Day:

Finding something that you can do in the morning that you used to do before you got sick, can really help to make you feel more yourself! As much as staying in bed all day sounds great, it can get depressing after a while. I find that having a shower and getting ready for the day can help improve my mood so much! I love doing my makeup, as makeup is a huge passion of mine. So I try to make sure to do it each morning. Even if I am stuck in bed for the rest of the day, If I have my makeup done I feel more happy and it helps to make me feel more “Normal”.

Staying Healthy:

Staying hydrated is SOOOO important when you are sick, it helps to flush out all the yucky things in your body. As well as making sure the food you are putting in your body is beneficial. In no way am I saying not to have treats, enjoying food can be hard when your sick so eat what you feel like! But also research different foods that you can add to your diet, that can help fight your sickness and build up your immune system.

Please remember to take it easy on yourself and try to take life one day at a time 🙂

         “This To Shall Pass”

I really hope that this post was able to help someone going through the same thing. Let me know down below if you want a part 2?!



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