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Hi! I am Elina

I am a 16-year-old lifestyle and wellbeing blogger, with a dream of travelling the world!

But until then you will find me at my computer, creating heartfelt content. With the purpose of inspiring other teen girls.

On my blog, I share everything I am passionate about. So you can find posts on everything from advice and wellness to yummy recipes and the occasional beauty post.

I also created a series #TeenTalk, where people all around the world share their experience and advice on situations they have experienced as a teenager, to help other teens in similar situations.

So if that all sounds like something you’d be interest, please feel free to follow along!

Elina xx




If your a brand or company that would like to work with me please email me at contactjustsoelina@gmail.com If our content aligns, I am more than happy to do affiliate links, Instagram posts, sponsorships or any other partnerships.

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#TeenTalk is a monthly series where teenagers and young adults from all around the world contribute through sharing their experience and advice on situations they have experienced as a teenager. To help other teens going through similar situations, No topic is too taboo!

I completely understand that sharing experiences, especially traumatic ones online are scary. If you want to make a difference and share your story but don’t feel comfortable with your identity being on the internet, you have the option to have your post be anonymous.

If you would like to be a part of #TeenTalk please email me at contactjustsoelina@gmail.com making sure to include your chosen topic and why you want to share your story.

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If your a blogger that would like to collaborate, please feel free to DM me via my Instagram @justsoelina

or email me at contactjustsoelina@gmail.com I love collabing with other bloggers, big or small, so please don’t be shy!

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